Welcome to the domain of liquor. You’ve ‘strolled’ into the right shop. Think of us as your corner bottle store, craft outlet, and trend keeper, all rolled into one. You’ll find the latest brands on the best deals and the slickest delivery, all in an easy-to-navigate platform with safe and reliable transaction options.

Born out of the need for an eCommerce portal that can service both direct-to-customer (DTC) and high-volume business-to-business (B2B) requirements, liquor.co.za is the result of a collab of skills, talents, and experience in the liquor and entertainment industry. Liquor.co.za forms part of the Cascade Holdings stable and brings together the vast combined experience of Adam Chaskalson, Tyrone Lasarow, Shaun Duwe, and Allen Jaffe of eComplete.

Chaskalson and Lasarow previously owned the largest mobile bar company in Cape Town and have experience on the product development and logistics side, while Shaun Duwe understands how the South African alcohol and entertainment landscape fits together, better than anyone. Jaffe brings technical expertise as one of the most experienced in the eCommerce field.

The dynamic team behind these four entrepreneurs has created two separate websites under the domain of liquor. The D2C side is focused on usability with personality, offering you the best deals on a vast range of products, from the most popular, to the premium and those crafted seldom-seen brands. Transactions are safe and deliveries as slick as you like.

While, on the B2B side, the portal is simple, reliable, and geared toward servicing the very specific calculation, ordering, and logistical needs of big key accounts.